Our Company

Our company has worked in the sphere of professional sports forecasting since 2010. It was established in Spain and after that was reregistered on Seychelles in 2013.

The reason for this was enactment of the law about 20% taxes on gambling winnings, which made the profitable business in Europe impossible.

Freebooting (capeting) - the main direction of our activity. For this purposes we created our own a group of professional analysts, each of which specializes in one kind of sport.

The activity of our company is organized so, that «capers» making their prognosis could work in one field only. Profound knowledge of all special aspects of the sport, details of the concrete sport event and sportsmen allow our analysts achieving high efficiency. Consequently we can offer our partners steadily profitable way of investing money.

The main principles of our company:

1. We work only with those analysts, whose professional features are obvious for us. These capers don’t just bank following their internal sensation and relying on fortune, but make the analysis of each line, have all the information available about the present situation.

2. Our main performance indicators are:

- not more than 30 parlays from one caper per month

- up to 6 parlays from whole group each day

- average profit from capers makes up 40-45% of the bank (in such a case he average parlay does not exceed 4% of all devote funds.

3. The average return on investment (ROI) from our capers is 35% - 40%.

Our company guarantees reliability and professionalism of the analysts. In each case each of them pays much attention on the argumentation of the parlay, they also explain their choice, and describe the line. The information about parlay markers is carefully checked, taking into account many additional circumstances:

- Technical aspects and conditions of sport event

- Motivation of each competitor

- Their present physical fitness

- Team and changing in it

- Subjective factors, which can influence on the results of sport competition (mental condition of sportsmen, change of time zones, the duration of flight).

The main advantages of our company:

The new direction of our activity is online investing. The main advantages of the cooperation with us:

1. We have worked out several types of investment portfolio for our partners. This allows finding optimal way of cooperation with steadily high profit.

2. There are a lot of capers, which work in the field of sport forecasting. They do their best to pocket the cash of trusty clients. Investing in our company you will get the guarantee of safety inputs.

3. Sport parlay cannot be absolutely free of risk, but due to professionalism of our analysts this risk is minimized. It could be correlated to the bank deposit.